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We are doing our best to play our part by adapting responsibly and responding in any way we can. Over the last few weeks, we’ve launched a quick deploy Chatbot Capability for COVID-19 Information that is being taken up by a variety of organisations. Find out more here

What can conversational AI do the Healthcare and Pharma sector?

Charities like yours embrace conversational AI to speed up response rates, reduce costs, and increase overall support capacity.

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What can conversational AI do the Healthcare and Pharma sector?

Here's how we've helped the healthcare sector adopt chatbot technology

Boehringer Ingleheim use chatbots to help asthma suffers manage their condition

First chatbot for global patient education ever developed by a pharmaceutical company which engaged with 3,800 users over the first 2 weeks

Merck raises general health awareness by challenging audience with a quiz chatbot

Increasing engagement through the interactive quiz and generated additional traffic to the Merck website.

Healthcare & pharmaceutical use cases

Access to critical medical advice quickly

You can use a virtual digital assistant to provide information to users on various topics, such as how to respond to inquiries on certain health conditions, a complex drug procedure, and the appropriate method of using a certain medical device.

Detecting and prioritising adverse events from drugs

Chatbots can connect to medical knowledge with intelligent technology to help all people actively self diagnose and manage their health. You can then send this data to medical professionals to deliver effective care.

Manage orders and inventory

Integrate into your CRM and ERP systems to enhance customer service to physicians/hospitals and automating the region-wise inventory management.

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