COVID-19 : What we’re doing

We are doing our best to play our part by adapting responsibly and responding in any way we can. Over the last few weeks, we’ve launched a quick deploy Chatbot Capability for COVID-19 Information that is being taken up by a variety of organisations. Find out more here

We support our clients with consultancy, services and staff training around every aspect of conversational interface development and on going maintenance once a chatbot has been implemented.

Whether you're looking to build capability on EBM or looking for a team to deliver a proof of concept before deciding to use EBM, we can help.

Key Services

Conversational Strategy

Mapping technology to business case development - we can help you identify how conversational solutions can be applied in your business.

Solutions Design

We scope and validate concepts before full delivery - from journey mapping, technical feasibility, content analysis, channel strategy, POC / MVP and user testing.

User-first design

We prioritise user needs. Our strategy, content design and testing and feedback services ensure customer success.

Agile project delivery

Every project we work is delivered in distinct phases - scoping and feasibility assurance, technical design, user experience development and software deployment.


Testing and measuring the effectiveness of chatbot content updates before deploying at scale.

Enterprise engineering

Integrations with variety of front end channels and back end platforms to control end-to-end customer chatbot journey.

How EBM helps different functions

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