COVID-19 : What we’re doing

We are doing our best to play our part by adapting responsibly and responding in any way we can. Over the last few weeks, we’ve launched a quick deploy Chatbot Capability for COVID-19 Information that is being taken up by a variety of organisations. Find out more here

Beginners Guide: What Is A Chatbot And Why Are They Important?

What is a chatbot? How does it use AI? How can they improve your current processes? Can I build one? What do they cost? Where do people who build chatbots hang out? Chatbots are becoming an increasingly common asset to

What Is Natural Language Processing And How It Helps

Have you ever wondered how Alexa works? Or when you type things in a search bar on a website, it auto-fills and tries to predict what you want to search how it works? This is natural language processing at work. A

A Breakdown of Chatbot Architecture And How It Works

A chatbot comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you’re looking to use one in your organisation, it’s important to understand chatbot architecture to see how different components fit together. That way, you will be able to build

In-Depth Guide To Improving Your Chatbot Net Promoter Score

The pressure is on. Management wants assurance that your chatbot program is saving your customer service agents time, making your customer experience better and increasing your net promoter score (NPS) score.  This is a 2 part series to help take

A Comprehensive Guide To Improving Your Chatbot Using NLP

Since chatbots reemergence in 2015 and consequential hype cycle up until today, many have tried and tested chatbots. Almost all bots made didn’t hit expectations but worked relatively well when put into perspective.  Now it’s 2019 those that have successful

A Comprehensive Beginners Guide To Chatbot Design (With Examples)

So how do you design a chatbot? There are 7 important steps to designing a chatbot:  Decide whether a chatbot is right for youGather requirementsInvolve stakeholdersIdentify what type of chatbot you needChoose a platformCarry out fundamental conversation design stepsDecide on

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