COVID-19 : What we’re doing

We are doing our best to play our part by adapting responsibly and responding in any way we can. Over the last few weeks, we’ve launched a quick deploy Chatbot Capability for COVID-19 Information that is being taken up by a variety of organisations. Find out more here

7 Of The Best Insurance Chatbot Use Cases

While chatbots can be leveraged for both simple and complex insurance processes, from our research looking into the 4 main stages of the customer’s journey, when dealing with insurance products, we found these 7 use cases brought the highest value

The Different Types Of Chatbots, Their Cost & Complexity To Build

As chatbots continue to grow in popularity and capability it can be hard to keep track of what types of chatbots there are and whether they're right for your business. While the most basic of chatbots may be perfect for

Top Analytics Techniques & Tools to Improve Your Chatbot

Like with any aspect of a successful business; having chatbot analytics in place allows you to keep track of your goals and make continuous improvements along the way. With chatbot analytics, they are developed to employ a self-learning process that

10 Must-Have Steps To Ensure a Successful Chatbot Strategy

Regardless of the industry, your business falls into, there’s one key component – Great Customer Service. Businesses with intent to progress and increase profit, always seek avenues to improve and implement better customer service strategies. This is where chatbots come

How Much Do Chatbots Cost? (Breakdown + 3 Examples)

“How much do chatbots cost to build?” is easily one of the most common questions that prospective clients ask. Interestingly, if you trawl the internet for the answer, most resources aren’t that helpful. We couldn’t find an answer to the

5 Key Steps To Implement A Chatbot Into Your Business

Chatbots and virtual assistants are popping up in every aspect of a business. Thanks to platforms like EBM, getting started is becoming a lot easier.Despite this, however, there are a lot of considerations and steps to take as you implement

Beginners Guide: What Is A Chatbot And Why Are They Important?

What is a chatbot? How does it use AI? How can they improve your current processes? Can I build one? What do they cost? Where do people who build chatbots hang out? Chatbots are becoming an increasingly common asset to

What Does It Take To Build A Chatbot? An In-Depth Guide With Examples

As chatbot technology is becoming more sophisticated and serving the customer better, it’s becoming easier and bringing a better return of investment to build a chatbot for your business. However, this can be a daunting task with a lot of

5 Common Reasons Why Your Chatbot Is Failing To Produce Results

Despite being the buzzword of the tech industry, chatbots had a lot of failures initially. There were some great bots, but many more poor ones were made. Thus, chatbots fell into the same old hype cycle every other technology goes

What Is Natural Language Processing And How It Helps

Have you ever wondered how Alexa works? Or when you type things in a search bar on a website, it auto-fills and tries to predict what you want to search how it works? This is natural language processing at work. A

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