COVID-19 : What we’re doing

We are doing our best to play our part by adapting responsibly and responding in any way we can. Over the last few weeks, we’ve launched a quick deploy Chatbot Capability for COVID-19 Information that is being taken up by a variety of organisations. Find out more here

The EBM Story

The Enterprise Bot Manager started its journey in early 2018. It has been born out of Filament AI’s consultancy work with enterprise clients over the last 3 years, delivering conversational interfaces across many and sectors.  It’s been built to solve the recurring challenges we’ve encountered in our consultancy work with our clients.

Meet the EBM Team

Pete Kemp

Head of Product
As Lead for EBM, overseeing Product strategy and development, Pete’s goal is to enable enterprises to maximise their Conversational AI capability. Pete has worked in digital agencies for most of his career, going on to lead UX, design & build teams and digital platform and innovation work for some of the world’s largest organisations. He is a passionate champion of the latest digital trends and how these can be embraced to help clients deliver innovative and ground-breaking work. 

Mike Tunnicliffe

Head of Software Engineering
Mike has over 16 years experience working as a software engineer in IBM’s UK Runtimes team. He spent 10 years working with the IBM Java Virtual Machine, helping to diagnose and solve deep technical issues with customer applications from the OS level upwards. He was also involved in porting the V8 JavaScript engine and Node.js to the IBM Power platform, and developing the Kitura web framework and code generator as part of the Server-side Swift effort. 

Eleanor Vincent

Lead Developer
Eleanor is the lead front-end engineer ensuring the project team are delivering to agreed sprint and feature plans. Eleanor enjoys designing intuitive and helpful interfaces, applying this design practice into building strong chat interfaces with users as the focus. Before joining filament, Eleanor spent almost three years working as an engineer within Referral Management and Care Coordination consultancy.

Daniel Atkinson

Lead DevOps Engineer
Daniel leads the DevOps function for EBM and provides strong expertise in systems support, hosting and data security. He also has practical skills in hardware prototyping, having designed and built a range of prototypes that leverage IoT and 3D printing. Daniel graduated with a Computer Science Degree from Aberystwyth University and has and over 5 years experience in infrastructure management, support and systems development.

Lou Robinson

Lead QA Engineer
Lou leads QA Engineering for EBM and is responsible for managing test automation efforts and creating a collaborative culture of quality within the development team. He has previously worked in the Big Data and eCommerce industries. Lou is a specialist in building automation frameworks and empowering others with the knowledge to build and maintain robust suites of automated tests.

Jack O’Connell

Client Delivery Lead
Jack leads client delivery success in the EBM team. Graduating from the University of Birmingham in 2011, Jack has over 5 years experience working as a hybrid account and project manager in leading digital agencies, specialising in design and build projects. During his time in the industry, Jack has managed a wide range of digital projects and relationships for global brands including Unilever and Mondelez.

Chris Booth

Product Marketing Lead
Chris advises clients on chatbot & natural language processing scaling, alongside driving European growth & corporate development. He previously co-founded Pillar.ai; a conversational marketing and chatbot agency. Chris started his career in the Royal Air Force, serving 6 years, testing one of the most powerful aircraft in the world: the Eurofighter Typhoon.

Liz Bowen

AI Software Engineer 

Liz is a software engineer in the chatbot team. Lis has a degree in Chemical Engineering and computer science. Prior to joining she spent 2 years in silicon valley at Cisco and IBM Research building web applications and working on Watson Knowledge Graph.
Following this she worked at IBM Hursley in the emerging technology team focusing on AI solutions for IBM clients.

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